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Race to Witch Mountain quotes

Sara: (Seeing all the researchers around their spaceship) We have to hurry.
Jack Bruno: Well, tell them that.
Dr. Alex Friedman: Good idea.

Jack Bruno: (to himself) Don't go in the pimped out fridge, Jack...

Dr. Alex Friedman: (crawling through a tunnel) I get claustrophobic in tight palces.
Jack Bruno: (as they come to a long shaft) How are you with heights?

Sara: How could it be that a human who is so large in form felt so small inside? (puts her hand on Jack's)
Sara: Maybe you need help too, Jack Bruno.

Sara: He require some sort of proof. He thinks we're insulting his intelligence.
Jack Bruno: YOU THINK? You just can't just drop the "we're aliens" bomb, just like that on somebody. Now, I know I've seen some pretty weird things today, but you can't expect me to believe that...
Sara: (using telekinesis to levitate the objects in the car) I have the ability to move objects with my mind.
Jack Bruno: That's impossible...
Sara: No, it's quite possible. On our planet as well as yours. You don't do it, because you haven't learnt to use your full brain capacity.
Jack Bruno: No... I don't do it because it's kind of creepy and I would like you to stop. (objects dropping)

Jack Bruno: (after removing the Siphon's helmet) You looked better *with* the helmet!

Sara: A wise human once said "You are what you think you are!"
Jack Bruno: Well why don't you ask HIM?
Seth: It was the Buddha... He's unavailable!

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