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Purple Rain quotes

Matt Fink-The Revolution: God got Wendy's periods reversed. About every 28 days she starts acting nice. Lasts about a weekend.

The Kid: I'd like to dedicate this to my father, Francis L. It's a song the girls in the band wrote, Lisa and Wendy. (the Revolution performs "Purple Rain")

Morris: Okay. What's the password?
Jerome: You got it.
Morris: Got what?
Jerome: The password.
Morris: The password is what?
Jerome: Exactly.
Morris: The password is exactly?
Jerome: No, it's okay.
Morris: The password is okay?
Jerome: Far as I'm concerned.
Morris: da** it, say the password!
Jerome: What.
Morris: Say the password, onion head!
Jerome: The password is what?
Morris: (frustrated) That's what I'm asking you!
Jerome: (more frustrated) It's the password!
Morris: The password is it?
Jerome: (exasperated) Ahhhhh! The password is what!
Morris: It! You just said so!
Jerome: The password isn't it! The password is?
Morris: What?
Jerome: Got it!
Morris: I got it?
Jerome: Right.
Morris: It or right?

Morris: (to the Kid as the Revolution leave and the Time takes the stage) Why don't you stay awhile, see how it's done?

Father: Listen to me! You come home, when I say come home. You've got no business, in the streets!
Mother: Just leave me alone.
Father: Come here!
Mother: No!
Father: I said now! Do you hear me?
The Kid: Mom! Dad!
Father: You keep this place, clean!
The Kid: Please, Dad she's heard you.
Mother: He wants to kill me, he's crazy.
The Kid: Dad please!
Mother: Look, what he's doing to me.
Father: (Slaps The Kid)

Jerome: (also irked by the "Darling Nikki" performance) That was fu**** up, what you did, man. Morris doesn't like it, and I don't like it either.
The Kid: I don't care.
Jerome: It's obvious you don't have what it takes to get to the top. But just to show we're sympathetic to your problem... (throws tickets to Kid)
Jerome: ... here's two tickets to tonight's show. Enjoy. (walks off, then pokes his head back in the door)
Jerome: Don't forget to bring a girlfriend. (blow kiss)

Morris: (after Prince's dad shoots himself) Bang, bang!

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