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Punchline quotes

John: $500! What the hell did you buy for 500 dollars?
Lilah: Jokes.

Madeline Urie: Is - is this a joke?

Lilah Krytsick: Hello, my name is Lilah Krytsick, and on our wedding night, my husband gave me something very long and hard... a new name. (audience bursts into laughter)

Steven: We are all Gods animated cartoons.

Steven Gold: I've been coming down here for 18 months. 18 months! And I have not missed a night. I take the money that my father sends me and I pay for a shrink, and I buy groceries. Now I owe my shrink, and I'm behind in my rent. My roommate's a ba***** - he's changed the locks in in my front door - I can't get in! He won't give me a key until I pay him. You wanna play games? I can play games! I can play games. I can play ventriloquist with my underwear. I can play darts while maintaining an erection. I can gargle dishwater and fart O Canada at the same time! I can play piano without being popular. I once had this dream - I was dancing on the streetcorner with a jackhammer up my as* - now that was either a sex dream or I need more fiber in my diet. If any of this is turning you on, just let me know.

Steven: What do you need it for?

Steven: Don't be scared, 'cuz I'm Funny Steve... with a lampshade on his head. Singing and dancing, for your entertainment, his own rendition of "Singin' in the Rain"!

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