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Pulp Fiction quotes

Jules: Hey, that's Kool and the Gang.

Jules: (All while Honey Bunny is screaming) Tell that bi*** to be cool! Say 'bi*** be cool'!
Pumpkin: Be cool honey!
Jules: Say bi*** be cool! Tell that fu****' bi*** to chill!
Pumpkin: Be cool Honey Bunny!
Jules: Chill that fu****' bi*** out!
Pumpkin: Shut up, Honey!

Jules: (to Vince, after Vince thought the Wolf would be British) He's about as English as English fu****' Bob.

Jules: If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.

Maynard: (Butch runs into Maynard's pa** shop being chased by Marsellus) Can I help you with somethin'?
Butch: Shut the fu** up!
Maynard: Hey you just wait a god da** minute now! What the fu** you up to?
Butch: (Marsellus enters, Butch wrestle him to the floor then starts to punch him) Come here mo**********! Feel that sting, big boy? That's pride fu***** with you! Gotta fight through that sh**!
Marsellus: You better kill me!
Butch: (Brings up a gun) Yeah, somebody gonna get killed. SOMEBODY GONNA GET THEIR fu***** HEAD BLOWN OFF!
Maynard: (Points a shotgun at them) Hold it right there, goddammit!
Butch: It's none of your business, mister!
Maynard: I'm making it my business. Toss the weapon.
Butch: You don't understand, man!
Maynard: Toss the weapon.
Maynard: (Butch throws the gun away) Get yer foot of the ni****, put yer hands behind yer head and spproach the counter right now.
Maynard: (Hits Butch with the shotgun then makes a call) Zed? It's Maynard. Yeah, spider just caught a couple of flies.

Vincent: (parks car outside a West Hollywood restaurant) What the fu** is this place?
Mia: This is "Jack Rabbit Slim's". An Elvis man should love it.
Vincent: Come on, Mia. Let's go and get a steak.
Mia: You can get a steak here daddy-o. Don't be a... (Mia draws a rectangle in the air, though it's meant to be a "square")
Vincent: Oh after you, Kitty Kat.

The Wolf: (after the row between Jules and Jimmy over the quality of his coffee, The Wolf tries some, he looks impressed, looks at Jimmy and says) Mmm.

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