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Public Enemies quotes

John Dillinger: Well if it isn't the man who shot Pretty-Boy Floyd. Good thing 'cause he sure wasn't Whiz-Kid Floyd.

John Dillinger: Bye-bye, blackbird.

Melvin Purvis: What keeps you up nights, Mr. Dillinger?
John Dillinger: Coffee.

John Dillinger: I was raised on a farm in Moooresville, Indiana. My mama died when I was three, my daddy beat the hell out of me cause he didn't know no better way to raise me. I like baseball, movies, good clothes, fast cars, whiskey, and you... what else you need to know?

Senator Kenneth McKellar: Why do we need this?
J. Edgar Hoover: Because criminals flee in fast automobiles across state lines, thereby defeating local jurisdiction because there is no federal police force to stop them.
Senator Kenneth McKellar: By my tally, your bureau wants to spend more taxpayer's dollars catching crooks, than what the crooks you catch stole in the first place.
J. Edgar Hoover: Well that's ridiculous. The Bureau has apprehended kidnappers and bank robbers who have stolen up to and in excess of...
Senator Kenneth McKellar: Really? (Hoover stops midsentence)
Senator Kenneth McKellar: How many have you apprehended?
J. Edgar Hoover: We have arrested and arraigned 213 wanted felons.
Senator Kenneth McKellar: No, I mean *you*, Director Hoover.
J. Edgar Hoover: Well, as Director, I administer.
Senator Kenneth McKellar: How many have you arrested, personally? (long pause as Hoover stares at McKellar)
J. Edgar Hoover: I have never arrested anybody. (Other men in the chamber gasp in shock)
Senator Kenneth McKellar: You've never arrested anybody?
J. Edgar Hoover: Well of course not. I'm an administrator...
Senator Kenneth McKellar: With no field experience. You are shockingly unqualified, aren't you, sir? You have never personally conducted a criminal investigation in the field in your life. I think you're a front. I think your prowess as a lawman is a myth, created from the hoopla of headlines by Mr. Suydam, your publicist there. Crimebuster? G-Man? You're setting yourself up as a Czar? That's running wild in my estimation.
J. Edgar Hoover: A *crime* is what runs wild...
Senator Kenneth McKellar: If this country requires a bureau such as yours, I question whether you are the person fit to run it.
J. Edgar Hoover: (getting angry) Well I will not be judged by a kangaroo court of venal politicians...
Senator Kenneth McKellar: Your appropriation increase is denied. (taps his gavel, signifying the end of the session; Hoover and his aides get up and leave)
J. Edgar Hoover: Feed the following to Walter Winchell: "McKellar is a Neanderthal, and he is on a personal vendetta to destroy me." We will not contest him in his committee. We need to fight him on the front page. Where's John Dillinger?

John Dillinger: You wanna know if we're armed? We're armed.

Melvin Purvis: Pretty Boy Floyd, you are under arrest
Pretty Boy Floyd: It's Charles, Charles Floyd. Who are you?
Melvin Purvis: Melvin Purvis, Bureau of Investigation. Where's your friend, Harry Campbell?
Pretty Boy Floyd: I believe you've killed me, so you can go rot in hell

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