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Prometheus quotes

Meredith Vickers: If you're really going down there, you're going to die.
Peter Weyland: Very negative way of looking at things. Exactly why you should have stayed at home.
Meredith Vickers: Did you really think I was gonna sit in a boardroom for years arguing over who was in charge while you go look for some miracle on some godforsaken rock in the middle of space? A king has his reign, and then he dies. It's inevitable. That is natural order of things.

Janek: Whatever that probe is picking up, it's a lifeform.

Janek: What is the atmosphere?
Ravel: Atmosphere is 71 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, traces of argon gas.
Janek: Whoa, now, that's weather.
Charlie Holloway: Just like home.
Ford: Only if you're breathing through an exhaust pipe. CO2 is over 3 percent. Two minutes without a suit, you're dead.

Peter Weyland: (from TED Talks viral video) To those of you who know me: you will be aware by now that my ambition is unlimited. You know that I will settle for nothing short of greatness, or I will die trying. To those of you who do not yet know me: allow me to introduce myself. My name is Peter Weyland, and if you'll indulge me, I'd like to change the world.

David: I would like to express gratitude to those who created me. Happy Birthday, David, from Weyland Industries.

Janek: Prometheus has landed.

David: How far would you go to get your answers?

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