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Private School quotes

Christine Ramsey: Bets, have you ever really done it, all the way?
Betsy: Well, yes and no.
Christine Ramsey: Wha'd you mean yes and no? Don't you know?
Betsy: Bubba says we did it once and it was very good for both of us, but I was passed out I don't remember a thing.
Christine Ramsey: Well, it's not gonna be like that for me. What else does Bubba say?
Betsy: He says that I had three or*****, that I begged him for mercy, and that I've never seen a man so well endowed.
Christine Ramsey: Well is he?
Betsy: Is he what?
Christine Ramsey: Is he well endowed?
Betsy: I don't really know. I mean not first hand. Just from what Bubba tells me.

Christine Ramsey: Jordan thinks that length is the most important. What do you think?
Betsy: I think width.
Christine Ramsey: Why width?
Betsy: Because Jordan thinks length.

Betsy: I'm gonna give Bubba another chance.
Christine Ramsey: After what he did?
Betsy: What the hell. If I'm gonna forgive Bubba you can forgive Jim. Compared to Bubba Jim's a saint.
Christine Ramsey: Compared to Bubba anybody's a saint.

Arcade Voice: (playing a game called "The Big Score") Hey, big boy. Think you're man enough to score with me?
Jim Green: I am, if Bubba is.
Arcade Voice: Oops, sorry, tonight I gotta wash my hair.
Jim Green: What? (Bubba and Roy laugh hysterically)

Betsy: I want you to know I like a lot of, whatchamacallit, foreplay.
Bubba: (after massaging Betsy's bo*** for a second) Is that enough?
Betsy: I guess so. (they start making out passionately)

Jordan Leigh-Jenson: (watching Chris and Jim dancing) She's such a nothing. I just don't what he sees in her.
Rita: I like to see you get a guy as good as Jim.
Jordan Leigh-Jenson: Why not Jim?
Rita: You couldn't! He's in love with Chris.
Jordan Leigh-Jenson: But Chris is no competition. Tomorrow is riding class, I begin my campaign.

Mr. Flugel: What class are you in?
Ms. Copoletta: I'm not in any class. I'm a teacher here.
Mr. Flugel: Whaddya teach?
Ms. Copoletta: Sex education.
Mr. Flugel: What?
Ms. Copoletta: Sex education.
Mr. Flugel: Sex education? That's my favorite subject!