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Private Benjamin quotes

Judy Benjamin: Now I know what I've been faking all these years.
Henri Tremont: That was your first?
Judy Benjamin: And second.

Judy Benjamin: Have you seen the bathroom?
Capt. Lewis: Do you think that the latrine... do you think that it's unsanitary?
Judy Benjamin: It's disgusting! There are *urinals* in there!

Mrs. Goodman: (At Yale's funeral, he died of heart attack after sex) Please dear, I need to know. What were his last words?
Judy Benjamin: I'm coming.

Judy Benjamin: Henri, you are a shmuck.

Judy Benjamin: What do you want from me? I didn't ask her to punish everybody! Do you think I like schlepping in the rain all day and all night?
Pvt. Winter: Just keep marching, Benjamin.
Judy Benjamin: My name is Judy! J-U-D-Y Judy and I'd like somebody to call me by my name! Oh, okay I took my life in my own hands, I made a mistake fine I'm sorry! I'll never do it again! I wanna wear my sandals... I wanna go out to lunch. I wanna be NORMAL again!

Judy Benjamin: Don't bad French artists have telephones?

Sgt. Ross: Beware... there are mine fields out there. Most of them are inert. However, some of them are ert.

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