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Prince of Persia The Sands of Time quotes

Prince Dastan: (doing difficult backflip) The third step is the hardest!

Sheik Amar: (Dastan is encircled by men on horses, and a knife is thrown at him but deliberately misses) Do you know where you are, Persian? And yet you enter still? In the heart of Sudan, there is a tribe of warriors known as the Ngbaka. They strike fear into the hearts of all they cross. The Ngbaka are masters of the throwing knife, wielding blades said to have been blessed by the Creator himself. Their aim is so murderously accurate, they can decapitate *three men*... with one strike. (Dastan tries to grab the knife)
Sheik Amar: Oh I wouldn't even bother doing that if I were you, d'you know why? This... is Seso. He's an Ngbaka. I had the good fortune of saving his life which means that he is now enduringly indebted to me. So tell me Persian: is there any good reason why I shouldn't tell Seso to put his next throw... just a little higher? (Seso poises to throw again; Dastan notes the previous knife is positioned above his groin and quickly shakes his head)

Tamina: Such a noble prince.
Prince Dastan: Such a gentle princess.
Tamina: How taken you were with my fainting act, eagerly leaping to assist the fallen beauty.
Prince Dastan: Who said you were a beauty?
Tamina: There must be a reason why you can't take your eyes off me.
Prince Dastan: You're... I... I don't trust you. And you're not my type.

King Sharaman: A great man who would have stopped what he knew to be wrong, no matter who was ordering it.

Tamina: Without the right sand it's just another knife. Not even very sharp.
Prince Dastan: This sand, is there more of it?
Tamina: Of course not!
Prince Dastan: How can I get some?
Tamina: Try standing on your head and holding your breath.

Sheik Amar: Yeah, nothing beats a good story, eh? But yours however, trading her in for a camel, please! I mean look at her, she's worth at least two! And as for you, young man, do you know your brother's offered a reward for you? Which quite frankly between you and me, borders on the obscene! I'd trade in my own mother for that kind of gold. (Seso gives him a surprised look)
Sheik Amar: What? Oh you didn't know what she was like.

Tus: You and Garsiv can handle father in my absence. You do have a gift to honor him with?
Prince Dastan: (Slightly drunk) Of course! (Turns to Bis)
Prince Dastan: Bis! Gift! (Bis looks at him confused)
Prince Dastan: It's been momentarily misplaced...
Tus: I knew you'd forget.

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