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Predator 2 quotes

Jerry Lambert: (noticing footage on a subway public television of himself assaulting Tony Pope) H-Hey, it's me! I look great!
Leona Cantrell: Oh, shut up.
Jerry Lambert: (to elderly man recognizing him from the footage) No autographs Pop.

King Willie: They say you want to talk to me. They say you offering me favors. Tell me why, Babylon, Mr. Policeman.

Leona Cantrell: First Danny, then King Willie, and you were right there. He's playing with you Mike. You gotta be careful.

Tony Pope: This is Tony Pope, live from L.A., the city of fear, where the psycho vigilante killer continues his daily diet for murder. Bodies strung out. Bodies with the skins ripped off. The hearts torn from the cadavers. And just recently, King Willie, the drug lord, the vicious drug lord, found in an alley just around the corner with his head cut off, and his spinal column torn from the body. A fitting demise to the Prince of Powder.

Leona Cantrell: I have heard about you.
Jerry Lambert: Yeah?
Leona Cantrell: Yeah. Like your last partner got shot.
Jerry Lambert: What?
Leona Cantrell: Well...
Leona Cantrell: (grabs Jerry's testicles) Try that cowboy sh** with me, fu****, and you can kiss these goodbye.

King Willie: This is dread man. Truly dread.

Jerry Lambert: Lieutenant, I've paid my dues. I had to bust my as* to get my transfer.

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