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Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment quotes

Lt. Mauser: Hey, wait a minute! My hands are stuck with my head! What the fu**?

Sgt. Vinnie: Oh I'm sorry, would you like some?
Mahoney: (shocked) I'm on a diet.

Sgt. Vinnie: You know, next to lunch and dinner, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Aw, jeez. Bunky? Bunky? How many times I gotta tell ya? The litter box, the litter box!

Sgt. Vinnie: Look at that. A half eaten chocolate bar. It's hardly been touched. Do you want some?
Mahoney: No thanks.

Lt. Mauser: That is all. Thanks for your time.
Officer Hooks: What about me, sir? Don't I get a car?
Lt. Mauser: (imitating Hooks) "Oh, what about me sir? Don't I get a car?" No, you don't get a car. You get a nice little chair and a nice little desk and a nice little office for your nice little voice!
Officer Hooks: as*****!
Lt. Mauser: That's two!

Mahoney: Never fool with a fuzz ball.

Greengrocer: Not on broccoli!

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