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Planes quotes

El Chupacabra: What does that mean?
Dusty Crophopper: No idea. But, French Canadian is the language of love... in Quebec. So, it's got to be good.

El Chupacabra: Are you tired? You have been flying through my mind nonstop!
Rochelle: And why would I be tired from flying through such a teeny-tiny space, hmm?

Franz: You are an inspiration to all of us.
Dusty Crophopper: All of us?
Franz: Yeah, all of us who want to do more than just what we are built for.

Bulldog: (El Chupacabra has just introduced himself) I'm sorry, did you say your name was El Chupacabra or El"cucoo"cabra?
El Chupacabra: You make joke? You make joke? Very well... you leave me no choice! I swish my cape at you! You have been shamed. (Rolls away)
Bulldog: I hope I can get over it... Oh, I just did.

Chug: There's nothing better than dying while doing what you love most.

Dusty Crophopper: I'm afraid of heights.

Dusty Crophopper: I've flown thousands and thousands of miles, and have never gone anywhere.

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