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Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End quotes

Jack Sparrow: Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

Jack Sparrow: (examining the map) Up is down. That's just maddeningly unhelpful. Why are these things never clear?
Miniature Jack 1: (voice) Clear as mud, Jackie...
Jack Sparrow: What? Eh?
Miniature Jack 1: (appearing from Jack's left dreadlocks) Stab the heart.
Miniature Jack 2: (appearing from Jack's right dreadlocks) Don't stab the heart.
Jack Sparrow: Come again?
Miniature Jack 2: The Dutchman must have a captain...
Jack Sparrow: Well that's even more than less than unhelpful.
Miniature Jack 1: Sail the seas for eternity.
Jack Sparrow: (smiling) I love the sea...
Miniature Jack 2: What about port?
Jack Sparrow: I prefer rum... Rum's good.
Miniature Jack 2: Making port, where we can get rum and sultry wenches... once every ten years.
Miniature Jack 1: What'd he say?
Jack Sparrow: Once every ten years.
Miniature Jack 1: Ten years is a long time, mate.
Jack Sparrow: Even longer, given the deficit of rum.
Miniature Jack 1: ...But eternity is longer still.
Miniature Jack 2: And how'll you be spending it? Dead?
Miniature Jack 1: ...Or not... The Immortal Captain Jack Sparrow.
Jack Sparrow: Ooh, I like that.
Miniature Jack 2: (looking out to the sea) Come sunset and it won't matter.
Jack Sparrow: (realizing) ... Not sunset... Sundown! And Rise... Up!

Elizabeth Swann: Will, I've been aboard the Dutchman. I understand the burden you bear, but I fear that cause is lost.
Will Turner: No cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it.

Officer: Which ship do we follow?
Lord Cutler Beckett: Signal the Dutchman to track down Sao Feng. We follow the Pearl. How soon can we have the ship ready to pursue?
Officer: (Officer looks back towards a cracking sound, and watches as the large mast falls down. He looks on towards the Black Pearl, admirably) Do you think he plans it all out, or just makes it up as he goes along?

Elizabeth Swann: I propose an exchange. Will leaves with us. And you can take Jack.
Will Turner: Done.
Jack Sparrow: Undone.
Lord Cutler Beckett: Done.
Barbossa: (to Elizabeth) Jack's one of the nine pirate lords. You have no right.
Elizabeth Swann: (with defiance) King!

Captain Barbossa: (playing with his monkey) Oh, yes, you sho shweet! You rooby-rooby-roo! Oh, yes, you shooo...
Pintel: Um, Captain... me, and the crew... were thinking it wasn't right to leave Captain Jack behind...
Ragetti: Again.
Pintel: ...again.
Captain Barbossa: Relax, me mateys! Look at this! (flourishes Sao Feng's map)
Captain Barbossa: There's more'n one way to live forever. Soon, we shall be drinking of the Fountain of Youth... (discovers a hole in the map, rendering it worthless)
Captain Barbossa: Sparrow!

Barbossa: Dying is the day worth living for.

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