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Pearl Harbor quotes

Rafe: I almost did die, you little son-of-a-bi***. And her face was the last thing that went through my mind.

Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle: I heard what you did.
Rafe: We can explain that, sir.
Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle: Explain what?
Danny: Whatever it is you heard about us, sir.
Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle: You mean the hoola shirts you were flying in... or the seven planes you shot down.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt: How long is America going to pretend, that the world is not at war? From Berlin, Rome and Tokyo, were have been described as a nation of weaklings and playboys who hire British or Russian, or Chinese soldiers, to do our fighting for us. We've been trained to think we're invincible, and our people think Hitler and his na** thugs are Europe's problem. We have to do more. Does anyone think that victory is possible without facing danger? At times like these we all need to be reminded who we truely are. That we will not give up or give in.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt: (serious tone) Do not tell me it can't be done.

Cole Walker: I fought the Germans in France, and I fought 'em in the trenches. And I pray to God that nobody has to see what I saw.

Rafe: Danny get me to a go***** plane!

Danny: Why the hell is the US Navy practicing this early on a Sunday morning?

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