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Outrageous Fortune quotes

Sandy: You know what I bet? I bet you haven't been laid in about a year.

Lauren: No! Stop! (runs across the room to sn**** the phone receiver out of Sandy's hand)
Lauren: Do not screech at another person!

Lauren: Where are we? We've been going for miles and I haven't seen a single white person on the street.
Sandy: There's one. (Lauren looks out of taxi cab window)
Sandy: Oops. They got 'em.
Lauren: That's not funny.

Lauren: Are you out of your mind? We don't have two-hundred dollars.
Sandy: Ah, chill out, wouldja?
Lauren: Oh my god, he's going to hurt us.
Sandy: He's not going to hurt us.
Lauren: Oh? Why not? (They get out of the taxi and are in front of an old, dirty apartment building in an awful part of town)
Sandy: 'Cause we're gonna be raped and murdered in this building.

Lauren: (after Michael has fallen from one of the Four Fingers, a leap Lauren made with a grand jété) Nine years of ballet, as*****!

Sandy: (after spending the night with Michael, Lauren comes into class with a dreamy smile on her face) Oh, my... that kind of evening, huh?
Lauren: Well, not the kind you're used to; no money changed hands!

Lauren: I can't talk to that guy. I went to private school.

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