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Outland quotes

Lazarus: You know, you haven't your medical all-star here. Company doctors are like ship's doctors. Most are just one shuttle flight ahead of a malpractice suit.

Lazarus: Don't misconstrue this. I'm not displaying character. Just temporary insanity.

Dr. Marian Lazarus: You know if you're the guy you're supposed to be, you wouldn't stick around. That's why they sent you here.
Marshal William T. O'Neil: Maybe they made a mistake
Dr. Marian Lazarus: I was afraid you'd say something like that. Do you really think you're making a difference?
Marshal William T. O'Neil: (silent)
Dr. Marian Lazarus: Then why for God's sake?
Marshal William T. O'Neil: ...because... maybe they are right. They sent me here to this pile of sh** because they think I belong here. I want to find out if... well if they're right. There's a whole machine that works because everybody does what they are supposed to. And I found out... I was supposed to be something I didn't like. That's what's in the program. That's my rotten little part in the rotten machine. I don't like it. So I'm going to find out if they're right.

Marshal William T. O'Neil: Hey, Sheppard. Guess what I just found in a meat locker.
Station Manager Sheppard: Y'know, I have a feeling that you'll tell me even if I don't guess.
Marshal William T. O'Neil: 250 pounds of hamburger named Yario that works for you. I also found your shipment of PDE. So, I threw the hamburger in the jail, and the PDE in the toilet. Or was it the other way around? I can't remember now.

Marshal William T. O'Neil: Did you do autopsies?
Lazarus: No.
Marshal William T. O'Neil: Why not?
Lazarus: In the first place, the company wanted the bodies shipped out as quickly as possible. In the second place, when a person exposes themselves to zero-pressure atmosphere, there isn't a whole lot left to inspect. In the third place, you're becoming a nuisance.
Marshal William T. O'Neil: (blocking her path) Yes, I know. I'd like a report of all these incidents that have happened in last six months. I'd like it really soon. Or I might just kick your nasty as* all over this room. That's a marshal joke.

Station Manager Sheppard: You know, I misjudged you. You're not stupid. You're crazy. You think you've caused more than an inconvenience here? Is that what you think? Why don't you go home and polish your badge. You're dealing with grown-ups here!
Marshal William T. O'Neil: Whoever sent you that shipment is going to be mad that you lost it. Grown-ups don't have a sense of humor.

Dr. Marian Lazarus: This blood is from a dead person.
Marshal William T. O'Neil: Very good.
Dr. Marian Lazarus: He ate dinner. Protein, carbohydrates... more carbohydrates. He didn't eat his vegetables.

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