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On Deadly Ground quotes

McGruder: You'd better quit while you're ahead, Hugh! Know what I'm saying? While you can still play marbles. Where are the disks? Where are the books?
Hugh Palmer: fu** you!
McGruder: fu** me? No, fu** YOU! (Otto breaks Hugh's second finger)
McGruder: Hugh.
Hugh Palmer: Go to hell!
McGruder: OK. OK. I'll go to hell.

Forrest Taft: Well, let's see, that's natives 8, oil workers 0. Anyone else wanna play with Cupcake?

Michael Jennings: Go ahead! Shoot me, go on! SHOOT ME, you fu***** COWARD! You haven't got the fu***** GUTS!
Forrest Taft: I wouldn't dirty my bullets.

Forrest Taft: Nothing much at all.

Forrest Taft: This is The Man's man. And I'm the Cupcake.

Spinks: (on Forrest) Our man in D.C. finds *nothin'* on this guy before 1987, which means either he was born fully grown, or his background is *so* top secret, it doesn't even *flag* "Top Secret" when you run his jacket.

Drunken Eskimo: You are about to go on a sacred journey. (Forrest nods like he doesn't belive the Drunken Eskimo)
Drunken Eskimo: This journey will be good for all people. But you must be careful.
Forrest Taft: Right.

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