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Olympus Has Fallen quotes

Kang: I underestimated you. It will not happen again.
Mike Banning: There is no again. You're gonna die down there. Alone. Cut off from the rest of the world. My advice - save the last bullet for yourself. Because if you don't, I'm gonna stick my knife through your brain. But don't worry. I'm going to leak the photos of your body to the press. You know, because I know you like that kind of sh**.

Kang: Looks like you failed again, Mike.

Forbes: (to Asher) There's a reason I never voted for you.

Mike Banning: (to Kang) Why don't you and I play a game of fu** off. You go first.

Mike Banning: You're going to seriously try to rope-a-dope me? That's on old man's move.
President Benjamin Asher: I am an old man.
Mike Banning: No, you're not. But you box like one.

Speaker Trumbull: Get me some coffee. Half and half. Three sweet'n lows. In a real cup. Not one of those paper or Styrofoam things. (pause)
Speaker Trumbull: Alright, let's secure all nuclear sites. Get me our expert on North Korea. Then I want to speak with the premier of North Korea on a secure line. After that I want to speak with the Russians, the Chinese, the British, and the French. And set up a press conference. In that order.

Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs: Is he alive?
Mike Banning: Ask me a serious question.

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