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Nuts quotes

Allen Green: Do you have certain questions that you ask?
Claudia Draper: No. I just go by the seat of my pants.
Allen Green: Well how am I doing?
Claudia Draper: I'm about to slide off my chair.

Aaron Levinsky: Mr. Kirk, you said that among the many fatherly duties that you assumed when Claudia entered your life was bathing her. Do you remember saying that?
Arthur Kirk: Uh-huh. - (the court recorder asks for a verbal response)
Arthur Kirk: - Yes, I did say that.
Aaron Levinsky: How long did you practice this particular fatherly duty?
Francis MacMillan: Objection, Your Honor!
Judge Stanley Murdoch: Overruled. Answer the question, Mr. Kirk.
Arthur Kirk: I don't remember.
Aaron Levinsky: Did it stop when she was five? Did it go on a year and stop when she was six?
Arthur Kirk: What are you suggesting?
Aaron Levinsky: Did it go for two years and stop when she was seven? I remind you you're under oath.
Arthur Kirk: Well, I don't know. It didn't last long. Claudia liked me to do it.
Aaron Levinsky: Liked you to do what?
Arthur Kirk: To bathe her.
Aaron Levinsky: To bathe her? (pausing, reflectively)
Aaron Levinsky: To bathe her.
Arthur Kirk: (angrily) It was nothing! And I object to your insinuations!
Aaron Levinsky: My daughter locked me out of the bathroom when she was four. Now, how old was Claudia?
Arthur Kirk: Claudia, please.
Aaron Levinsky: How old was she? Was she ten? Was she twelve? How old were you, Claudia? How old was she, Mr. Kirk? Was she thirteen years old when you stopped bathing your step-daughter? (intensely)
Aaron Levinsky: Was she fourteen?
Arthur Kirk: She was a child. She couldn't have been...
Aaron Levinsky: (more intensely) How old? - (Pandemonium breaks out in the courtroom)
Aaron Levinsky: - (shouting)
Aaron Levinsky: How old?
Judge Stanley Murdoch: Order!
Francis MacMillan: He's harassing the witness.
Judge Stanley Murdoch: I'd like to hear an answer.
Aaron Levinsky: How old?
Arthur Kirk: (shouting, pleading) I don't remember.
Claudia Draper: (sobbing) I was sixteen.

Francis MacMillan: Did your husband leave you when you got pregnant?
Claudia Draper: No, I had an abortion.
Francis MacMillan: Why?
Claudia Draper: (long pause) I don't believe in childhood.

Claudia Draper: Are you married?
Aaron Levinsky: Pardon me?
Claudia Draper: You got a missus?
Aaron Levinsky: Uh-huh.
Claudia Draper: She give good head?
Aaron Levinsky: You want to talk about your situation here or what? You've been indicted for manslaughter first degree.
Claudia Draper: I know all that. Tell me why you're here.
Aaron Levinsky: (chuckles) The truth?
Claudia Draper: No, the bullshit, Levinsky. I love listening to bullshit, especially when I'm drowning in it!

Claudia Draper: Now, you talk to me and pretend I'm sane, okay?
Aaron Levinsky: Okay.
Claudia Draper: And I'll do the same for you.

Claudia Draper: I know women who marry men they despise so they can drive a Mercedes and spend summers in the Hamptons.

Claudia Draper: (responding to MacMillan's grilling about her professional life) Why don't we stop all the bullshit and get to the point? Now, you want to know what I do for a living? Ask me. My time is very expensive, Mr. MacMillan. Probably more than yours. I get 500 dollars an hour. How much do you get? I get four-hundred dollars for a straight lay, three-hundred for a hand job, and five-hundred for head. If you want to wear my panties, that's another hundred. You take them home, Mr. MacMillan, that's another hundred. No whips, no ropes, no spikes. I've got liquor and grass. Anything else, you bring your own. It works like this: You call me up, we make a date. I look you over, and IF I like you, we make a deal. And, darling, I am worth the trouble. Take my word for it, if you want the best. Do you want the best, Mr. MacMillan? (softly)
Claudia Draper: I am talking about taking your body to heaven and sending your mind south. I'm talking about spoiling you so bad you'll hate every other woman you touch. I'm talking about my mouth on your mouth, and my tongue anywhere you want it. I'm talking about indulging your every fantasy, and then giving you those fantasies one by one. Just for you. All for you. Nobody but you. You get all that, darling? Would you like that, baby? You get what I'm telling you?
Claudia Draper: (to the courtroom, firmly and with emphasis) Do you all GET what I'm telling you?

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