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Nothing to Lose quotes

Rig: Hey, Kareem, do you know that Charlie and I had originally intended to come up here and cap your punk as*. And your girlfriend, Nick, but sh**, you two muffins did such a nice job with this financing, who could think about killing at a time like this?
T. Paul: Thanks, your approval means a lot!

T. Paul: Oh Mama. Please go on back to bed, Mama.
Bertha: (smacks T) What kind of man stay out 'til 2:30 in the morning and then comes back lookin' like a bruised tu**?
T. Paul: Mama I wasn't...
Bertha: (Smacks him again) Don't you talk back!
Nick Beam: Don't talk back to your mother. (Bertha slaps him)
Nick Beam: Ow. What did I do?
Bertha: You got that slap 'cause you with him and I know you part of whatever badness he into. You got some explainin' to do in the morning, Mr. Gentleman. Now you think on that! (Smacks T. Paul again then leaves)

T. Paul: Okay, when you meet my wife, she don't know nothin' about my sideline gig.
Nick Beam: You mean she doesn't know you're a thief?
T. Paul: Hey, I'm not a thief. Okay? I just dabble in future used goods.

Nick Beam: We have to bring the money back.
T. Paul: Ha ha. Maybe you a little confushed about the purpose of a robbery.
Nick Beam: Oh gee I didn't tell you, when we were at the hotel I called my wife. Everything's alright. She wasn't even there. Isn't that great? It was her sister and her sister's fiance.
Nick Beam: I don't give a da** if it was her Uncle Fester and Gumby. You ain't taking this money anywhere, man. I don't wanna hear all that.
Nick Beam: (Tries to grab the bag of money) Let go of the bag.
T. Paul: You let go of it.
Nick Beam: It's not your money.
T. Paul: It's not your money.
Nick Beam: It's not your money!
T. Paul: It's not yours... It's half mine!

Nick Beam: (Holding a gun in the cashiers face) Have you ever had a really bad day?
Gas Station Cashier: Having one right now.

Nick Beam: You don't say "sorry" when you shoot somebody. You can say "sorry" when you step on someone's toe, or accidentally break their glasses, or when you fart while they're eating. YOU DON'T SAY YOU'RE SORRY WHEN YOU SHOOT SOMEONE!

T Paul: (barges in the store and aims a gun at Henry) Freeze, mo**********! You move your as* so much as a... A inch. I'll blow it off! You hear me, mo**********? YOU HEAR ME?
Nick Beam: You don't have to be so mean.
T Paul: Look man, now ain't the fu***** time, alright? You say scary sh**, it scares him.
Nick Beam: yeah plus you have a gun. What you're doing is the stereotypical robber thing. If you want to scare someone, you gotta do it calm and cool and collected, man.
T Paul: Man that's bullshit.

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