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Non Stop quotes

Agent Marenick: Agent Marks, I can't continue talking to you.
Bill Marks: What does that mean?
Agent Marenick: It means we will not negotiate with a terrorist.

Zack White: Hey, Bill! I'm getting off this plane.
Bill Marks: Am I in your way, as*****?

Bill Marks: I'm not hijacking this plane. I'm trying to save it!

Unidentified Texter: Are you ready to do your duty, Marshall?
Bill Marks: Who is this?
Unidentified Texter: One of your passengers.
Bill Marks: Breaching this network is a Federal offense.
Unidentified Texter: Smoking in the lavatory is also a Federal offense.

David McMillan: Agent Marks, the account number you gave us is in your name.
Bill Marks: What? That doesn't make any sense.

Bill Marks: Hey Reilly, sorry about the nose.
Austin Reilly: It was never my best feature.

Bill Marks: So, where you headed?
Jen Summers: Mm, depends...

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