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Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb quotes

Laa: Dada!
Larry Daley: No, no, i'm not your dada. Yes, we look similar.
Laa: Dada.
Larry Daley: No touching. (He slaps Laa's hand)
Larry Daley: Stop it.

Jedediah: Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer!

Sir Lancelot: You always put the monkey in charge?
Larry Daley: Oh, he's not in charge, we're just following him.
Sir Lancelot: That's what being in charge means.

Teddy Roosevelt: Never run from a big cat, Lawrence. (Larry turns on his flashlight to make the lion statues chase it)
Jedediah: You can't ambush me with that kinda cute!

Teddy Roosevelt: Smile, my boy. It's sunrise.

Alice Eve: He's doing his Wolverine thing.

Larry Daley: I'm Half-Irish, Half-Jewish, so...
Merenkahre: You are! I love Jews! We owned 40,000 of them!
Shepseheret: Such lovely people.
Ahkmenrah: Here we go...
Larry Daley: They were very happy, always singing with candles...
Larry Daley: Yeah. They really weren't happy.
Shepseheret: Really?
Larry Daley: No, they left. They spent about 40 years in the desert trying to escape.
Shepseheret: Oh!
Larry Daley: Yeah, we have dinner once a year and talk about it. It's a big deal.

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