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Night Shift quotes

Bill: We're all adults here - we can talk about this openly... (writing on chalkboard)
Bill: PROSTITUTION! But what does that mean really? Sometimes it helps to understand a word if you break it down, so let's do that now shall we? Pros... it doesn't mean anything, you can forget about that... ti*, I think we all know what that means, Tu, two ti* and TION of course, from the Latin to shun... to say uh-uh no thank you anyway I don't want it, to push away... it doesn't even belong in this word really.

Chuck: I used to be an investment counselor.
Bill: Yeah? (pause)
Bill: What's that?
Chuck: It's like a stockbroker.
Bill: So what're you doing babysitting stiffs? What were you... drinker? Big drinker?
Chuck: No!
Bill: Doper! Toothead! Nose candy! Coke!

Bill: (Chuck is spitting on himself in the jail cell) Chuck, come on - it looks bad in front of the other guys!
Chuck Lumley: So what am I running for, cell president?
Bill: No!... they have that?

Bill: So there I was at the Blackjack table with all my wash 'n' dries... did I tell you I had they idea for them first?

Bill: You tellin' me to shut up?
Chuck: I'm telling you to shut up! I will tell your recorder so that you don't forget! (Chuck picks up tape recorder and turns it on)
Chuck: Hello, this is Chuck to remind Bill to SHUT UP!

Bill Blazejowski: I wash my hands and my feet of you!

Bill Blazejowski: (picking up photo from desk) Hey Chuck? Who is this? Your wife?
Chuck Lumley: Fiancée.
Bill Blazejowski: Nice frame!

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