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Nell quotes

Sheriff Todd Peterson: I guess she's what you'd call a hermit. She talked kinda funny, too. She was kinda like: 'Durr murr muh...'.
Jerry: Only one side of her face was working. You try talking out of one side of your face.

Jerry: Nothing and everything, it just hits her sometimes.

Sheriff Todd Peterson: Well, she's definitely overage. So I guess we need to find her an adult protective service.
Jerry: She doesn't need a social worker. She needs a padded cell. That is one seriously disturbed lady.
Sheriff Todd Peterson: Well, I'm afraid that's gonna be your territory, Jerry.
Jerry: Thanks.
Sheriff Todd Peterson: (reciting the letter) The Lord led you here, stranger.

Jerry: Let's take this one step at a time. Stay here. I'm gonna go back inside.
Sheriff Todd Peterson: Jerry, I can't let you go back in there. We don't even know what that thing is.
Jerry: It's a human being and she's frightened.
Sheriff Todd Peterson: Well, what are you gonna do?
Jerry: Talk to her... if I can.

Jerry: She lives here all alone, huh?
Sheriff Todd Peterson: That's what hermits do, Lowell. They live alone and they die alone.

Paula: What is it with you and Nell?
Jerry: It's like... there's no one else in the world. Like she doesn't need anybody. Can you live your whole life that way, or does it drive you crazy in the end?

Jerry: (translating for Nell to the court) You have big things. You know big things. But you don't look into each other's eyes. And you're hungry for quietness.

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