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Mrs. Henderson Presents quotes

Lady Conway: I quite understand what you were feeling. I myself have exhibited my br*****. I was at a party at Antibes with the Duchess of Denby and Countess Volpe, and we took off our blouses - in private, of course - and looked at each other's ti*****. (laughs)
Lady Conway: My, how we laughed!

Vivian Van Damm: Listen you old battle-axe!
Laura Henderson: Don't you dare talk to me like that!

Lady Conway: You obviously require a battle plan. My second husband, the general, always advocated attacking from the rear, which, although it did nothing to enhance our marriage, did bring him some success on the field.

Laura Henderson: We have made rather a go at it, haven't we?
Vivian Van Damm: Yes. You're a very irritating woman, but I wouldn't have missed this for the world.
Laura Henderson: I feel quite the same - even though you're a very irritating man.

Bertie: What do you make of her?
Vivian Van Damm: She's beautiful.
Bertie: Yes.
Vivian Van Damm: But the nipples...
Bertie: Too large?
Vivian Van Damm: They're not British. Could be Italian. We must have British nipples.

Laura Henderson: Are you American?
Laura Henderson: Oh! Americans! Strange people, lovely manners.

Laura Henderson: (at Mrs. Henderson's husband's funeral) I'm bored with widowhood.
Lady Conway: My dear, you've just scratched the surface.
Laura Henderson: I have to smile at everybody. I've never had to smile at everybody. In India, there were always people to look down on.
Lady Conway: People are merely being sympathetic. After all, you have lost your husband.
Laura Henderson: Well I didn't mislay him! It was most inconsiderate of Robert to die. What on earth am I supposed to do now?

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