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Mr. Mom quotes

Jack Butler: My wife and I went to the movies the other day, we saw Rocky. While I'm watching it, I'm thinking 'This guy has taken some falls' you know.
Auto Worker 1: Which Rocky was it? 1 or 2, or 3?
Jack Butler: I don't know. Three I guess. But...
Auto Worker 2: Hey, did the guy have a mo-hawk like Mr. T?
Jack Butler: OK forget Rocky. The point is... when you're down, not not exactly out... I mean, I mean you gotta hang tough... I don't know.
Auto Worker 1: Well Hang tough baby! Do what Rocky would do! (walks out)
Auto Worker 1: He didn't see Rocky

Humphries: Schooner Tuna - the tuna with a heart.

Jack Butler: Kenny, don't paint your sister!

Joan: Can I give you a hand?
Jack Butler: You can give me two I don't know what the hell I'm doing

Annette: (as Jack is driving away from the super market) He's married!
Joan: So were we once!

Caroline: (after arguing about sudden weight gain) Where are you going?
Jack Butler: (while eating a slice of pizza) I'm going to sleep on the FAT couch, if I can fit through the door

Jack Butler: My brain is like oatmeal. I yelled at Kenny today for coloring outside the lines! Megan and I are starting to watch the same TV shows, and I'm liking them! I'm losing it.
Caroline: Honey, I know what you're talking about. I've been there myself, alright?
Jack Butler: Well, if you're so unhappy, why don't you say something about it?
Caroline: Because I wasn't unhappy! Look, maybe I was a little confused, maybe I was a little frustrated, but I knew what I was doing was important, because it means something to raise human beings. What saw me through was pride. (Jack takes the bedspread, pillow and a pizza slice before heading out)
Caroline: I've pride in this house, I've pride with my kids, and I've pride being Mrs. Jack Butler! Where are you going?
Jack Butler: (Eating pizza before going) I'm goin' downstairs to sleep on the fat couch if I can get through the door. (Jack leaves the room)
Caroline: Well, you should take pride with some of that FAT, Porky! (Caroline slams the door)

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