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Monster House quotes

Zee: I'm just creeped out. You know, I saw an ambulance here today.
Bones: So...
Zee: So, maybe Nebbercracker really did die.
Bones: We should be so lucky, the guy was evil.
Zee: No, he was just a grumpy old dude.
Bones: Oh really? Zee? When I was 10 years old. I had a kite. Awesome kite. I could fly it so high you couldn't see it. One day, it crashed down, I followed the string, and it landed right over there, across the street right on the edge of his lawn.
Zee: Awww, did he take your kite?
Bones: Yeah, he takes everything that lands on his lawn. But that's not the point, the point is, I saw him talking to his house, and kissing it. Besides, everybody knows what he did to his wife.
Zee: Why? What? What did he do to her?
Bones: He ate her! (jumps on top of Zee)

Mom: We'll be back tomorrow night. Oh. If anything happens, call the police and hide in your closet.
Dad: He knows that.

Zee: Now what do you want?
Jenny: Just trying to get a head-start on life and secure a sucessful future.
Zee: You want a successful future? When a guy with tattoos comes up to the drive-thru, give him his burger, not your phone number.

Nebbercracker: (kneeling very excited; looks up at DJ) 45 years... we have been trapped for 45 years... and now we're free!

DJ: I kissed a girl! I kissed a girl on the lips!

Skull: Oh, you like the steel of my blade? It's so cold.

Chowder: (pretending to talk to his father) Well, Dad, why don't you kiss my hairy bu**? (turns around)
Chowder: Hey, DJ, you got any beer? (noticing Jenny)
Chowder: Well, hello there...
DJ: (to Jenny) This is... Chowder...
Chowder: Charles, to the ladies...
Jenny: (interrupting) Um, Jenny Bennett. Two-term class president at Westbrook Prep.
DJ: That's a tough school to get into.
Chowder: Yeah, I got in but decided not to go.
Jenny: It's a girl's school.
Chowder: (nervous pause) ... Which is why I didn't... (another nervous pause)
Chowder: ... You know there's a... there's a great taco stand near there...

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