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Money Train quotes

Donald Patterson: Did I say that? I didn't say that! All I said was... bad things tend to happen around you two. Some money got lost and I think you two can help me find it.
Charlie: How so?
Donald Patterson: You look for it!

John: Patterson!
Charlie: came as soon as we could
John: hey, we heard over the scanners. WOO, what a mess. Look, if there's anything we could do to help
Charlie: all you gotta do is ask
Donald Patterson: What are you two bags of sh** doing here? You aren't cops no more
John: look man, we here trying to help
Donald Patterson: Hey, sweet pie. How's your co** working now that you ain't got a badge no more?
John: WHAT?
Donald Patterson: Here's what I think of *you fu**-up* (spits in John's face)
John: you spit in my face! (John tries to punch Patterson in the face, but Charlie stopped him)
Charlie: Hey, you aren't going to hit him
John: Why not?
Charlie: Cause, I'm gonna hit him (Charlie tries to punch Patterson in the face, but John stopped him)
John: NO NO NO, your not going to hit him
John: WE BOTH HIT HIM (John and Charlie punch Patterson in the face that sent him flying 25ft across the station platform)

Grace Santiago: (staggers towards platform women; pretending to be drunk) Hey! Hey! That's my man! Get your hands off my man! Are you bi***** crazy? (pulls her sleeves and clenches her fists as she runs towards them)
Grace Santiago: You wanna get hurt, that's what it is!
Woman on Platform: We're sorry, we didn't know it was your man!
Woman on Platform: We're sorry, Merry Christmas to you! (they get behind the turnstiles)
Grace Santiago: (tries to attack them) Get the hell outta here! Yeah, you better run!
Woman on Platform: (to her friend as they leave the station) It's your fault! You started it!
Woman on Platform: Me? I didn't start anything!
Grace Santiago: (to John) I turn my back for one minute and you're do****' me?
John: They were huuge!!
Charlie: (back at the booth) Oh, she's beautiful.
Grace Santiago: (positioning John on the poles) Now, you wait right there, all right. You wait right there, and don't you let me see you talkin' to - (John blows his nose with his hand)
Grace Santiago: You nasty. (gives a male passerby a dirty look)
Grace Santiago: What you lookin' at? I could kick your as*, too. sh**.

Grace Santiago: (to Charlie) Should we break this up? They're tuggin' at his collar for dear life over there.

John: No, you ain't gonna hit him.
Charlie: Why not?
John: Because I'm gonna hit him! (smacks a transit cop in the face)