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Mona Lisa Smile quotes

Joan Brandwyn: I've got a secret to tell you. I got accepted early to Yale Law School.
Betty Warren: To *what*? Why? You don't want to be a lawyer!
Joan Brandwyn: Maybe I do.
Betty Warren: You won't switch brands of cold cream without asking me, but you applied to law school?
Joan Brandwyn: On a lark. We never thought I'd get in.
Betty Warren: Who's 'we'?
Joan Brandwyn: Miss Watson. She practically filled out my application for me.
Betty Warren: You've got to be kidding me. What right does she have? You're getting married!
Joan Brandwyn: First of all, there's no ring on this finger. Second, I can do both. I can!
Betty Warren: You are this close to getting you ever wanted. And this close to losing it.

Katherine Watson: It says here that you're pre-law. What law school are you going to go to?
Joan Brandwyn: I hadn't really thought about that. After I graduate, I plan on getting married.
Katherine Watson: And then?
Joan Brandwyn: (confused) And then... I'll be married.

Bill Dunbar: So how does a guy get to know you better, then?
Katherine Watson: Well, let me see. That's a good idea.

Giselle Levy: Do I look a little bit like her? I think she's fabulous.

Connie Baker: We spent last weekend at the Cape! A little hideaway he knew about.
Betty Warren: Operative word, 'hide'. Men take women to the Cape in the winter when they're embarrassed to be seen with them. He's using you.
Giselle Levy: He's not using you if you want to go. Come here, don't listen to her.
Betty Warren: I love you, and I swear I'm not saying this to hurt you. Charlie's promised to Deb McIntyre. She wears his pin. Giselle, you know it's true.
Giselle Levy: I don't know anything about a pin.
Connie Baker: Are her parents named Phillip and Vanessa?
Betty Warren: You know them?
Connie Baker: Only from a distance.

Betty Warren: Have you seen Spencer?
Connie Baker: (in tears) No. But I did see Charlie Stewart. And he told me that he and Deb broke up last summer. And you told me that they were together when he invited me to the Cape.
Betty Warren: Oh Connie, I don't keep track of his dates. They've been on-again, off-again for the past few years.
Connie Baker: No, no apparently they've been off-again for a while. For quite a while.
Betty Warren: So?
Connie Baker: So you made me believe that he was hiding me! Either way, why couldn't you let me be happy?

Betty Warren: (in Betty's second editorial) Wellesley girls who are married have become quite adept at balancing their obligations. One hears such comments, as - I'm able to baste the chicken with one hand and outline the paper with the other. While our mothers were called to workforce for Lady Liberty. It is our duty- nay, obligation to reclaim our place in the home, bearing the children that will carry our traditions into the future. One must pause to consider why Miss Katherine Watson, instructor in the art history department has decided to declare war on the holy sacrament of marriage. Her subversive and political teachings encourage our Wellesley girls to reject the roles they were born to fill.

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