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Mommie Dearest quotes

Joan Crawford: Why?
Joan Crawford: (suddenly enraged) UNSUITABLE?
Joan Crawford: Don't you dare judge me!
Joan Crawford: Obviously you don't understand. What you're really doing is denying one of your children the opportunity to live a wonderful and advantaged life! How sad that is. Good afternoon.

Alfred Steele: Joan, you've got to understand it's a public company, for Chrissakes. This isn't Hollywood where someone takes care of things with a phone call, this is the REAL world.

Joan Crawford: Did you scrub the bathroom floor today? DID YOU?
Christina Crawford: Yes, Mommie.
Joan Crawford: Yes, Mommie what?
Christina Crawford: Yes, Mommie Dearest.
Joan Crawford: When I told you to call me that, I wanted you to mean it.

Joan Crawford: Bill... could you... could you CALL...
Bill (Actor In Soap): You want me to call Cindy for you?
Joan Crawford: Yes. You know, she, uh... she wants to...
Bill (Actor In Soap): I know that she wants to have an affair with Robert. But, are you sure his divorce is final?
Joan Crawford: If his DIVORCE is final?

Joan Crawford: Why do you deliberately defy me?
Christina: Why did you tell her I got expelled?
Joan Crawford: Because you DID get expelled.
Christina: That... is a LIE.
Joan Crawford: (Smacking Christina hard across the face twice) You love it, don't you? YOU LOVE TO MAKE ME HIT YOU.
Barbara Bennett: Joan.
Joan Crawford: Barbara, PLEASE. PLEASE, Barbara. Leave us alone, Barbara. If you need anything, ask Carol Ann. (laughs bitterly)
Joan Crawford: This is wonderful. THIS IS WONDERFUL. YOU. You deliberately embarrassed me in front of a REPORTER. (clutches herself)
Joan Crawford: A REPORTER. I told you how important this to me, I TOLD YOU.

Joan Crawford: (hacking off Christina's hair with scissors) YOU BE QUIET.

Mr. Dodd: My daughter Ellen would love to have your signature, Miss Crawford.
Joan Crawford: Of course! (signs menu)
Louis B. Mayer: You see? She didn't ask for L.B. Mayer's signature!
Joan Crawford: That's because she's not as smart as her father. She doesn't know that you are King!
Louis B. Mayer: (Joan gets up to leave) Where are you going? Come join us, we're having dinner! You're one of the reasons bankers love Metro.
Joan Crawford: No, thank you, L.B., but our table is ready.
Louis B. Mayer: I insist. (Joan sits)
Louis B. Mayer: You're aces, Joanie!
Joan Crawford: I'm glad you think that, L.B., because aces beat kings!
Louis B. Mayer: Not in Hollywood, dear.

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