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Mission Impossible III quotes

Ethan Hunt: I'll die unless you kill me!

Owen Davian: What else ya got?

Brassel: You think this op was worth the risk, Mr. Hunt. What do you know about Owen Davian? He was the one who brought gas centrifuge technology to Korea from Pakistan. (Brassel throws file on the table)
Brassel: He was also the man who sold Toxin 5 to the Armahad Republic Jihad. (Brassel throws file on the table)
Brassel: He is a man who provides, (throws file on the table)
Brassel: provides, (throws file on the table)
Brassel: provides (throws file on the table)
Brassel: . And he remains invisible. He's a go***** invisible man.

Brassel: I don't care if your daddy plays golf with the President. This is Intelligence. So far, I haven't seen any.

Luther Stickell: That look in your eyes is pain in my as*, you know that, right?

Declan: Now that you've pi**** off every Italian in Rome, go do what you've got to do.
Ethan Hunt: Don't forget the smoke. (Declan turns on the smoke and continues yelling at the Italians as Ethan walks off)

John Brassel: It's unacceptable that chocolate makes you fat, but I've eaten my share and guess what?

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