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Miracle quotes

Herb Brooks: We start becoming a team right now!

Herb Brooks: I'll be your coach, I won't be your friend. If you need one of those, take it up with Doc or Coach Patrick.

Herb Brooks: (as the players who were cut depart) Take a good look, gentlemen, cause they're the ones getting off easy.

Herb Brooks: What the hell is wrong with you? Put your gear on. (pause)
Herb Brooks: I said put your gear on!
Rob McClanahan: But Doc said I can't play
Herb Brooks: Yeah I know you got a bad bruise. You know what, put your street clothes on because I got no time for quitters.
Mike Eruzione: Come on Herb! No body is quittin here!
Herb Brooks: You worry about your own game. There's plenty there to keep you busy!

Herb Brooks: (knocks on the door of the dorm room, Jimmy opens it) Hey, Jim.
Jim Craig: Hey Coach.
Herb Brooks: Just wondering why you didn't take this test. (waves the stack of psychology tests that he has in his hands)
Jim Craig: Yeah, umm... it's nothing against you or anything. I just don't see what it has to do with stopping the puck.
Herb Brooks: That's okay, you just took it anyway.

Jack O'Callahan: This is crazy, Herb. Bringing him in this late.
Rob McClanahan: We've got parents buying tickets. Getting rooms. What are we supposed to tell them? And with one of us going home as it is...
Herb Brooks: I guess I don't have to ask where you stand on this do I, Rizzo?
Rob McClanahan: This wasn't Rizzo's idea.
Mike Eruzione: You want me to say "I'm scared of getting cut?" I'm scared of getting cut. Everyone is.
Jack O'Callahan: We just want it to be fair, Herb.
Herb Brooks: Don't try to tell me whats fair. He was right back there with us in Colorado.
Mike Eruzione: That was six months ago!
Herb Brooks: And you don't think he's been playing for the last six months?
Mike Eruzione: Not with us he hasn't!
Herb Brooks: So?
Mike Eruzione: So there's a difference!
Herb Brooks: Like hell there is! All I know is that that kid can flat out play!
Jack O'Callahan: What and we can't?
Herb Brooks: He's got great vision on the ice...
Rob McClanahan: That's not the point!
Herb Brooks: I'll tell ya what else he's got. He's got the attitude I want on and off the ice. So somebody here better tell me why I shouldn't be giving him a hell of a look!
Mark Johnson: Because we're a family!
Herb Brooks: What?
Mark Johnson: We're a family.

Jim Craig: Thanks for coming out.
Donald Craig: I wouldn't have missed it. Hey, you beat Harvard. (both father and son, start getting emotional)
Jim Craig: Yeah. (pause, Jimmy starts looking around)
Jim Craig: I should get going. (Donald nods)
Jim Craig: I love you, Pop.
Donald Craig: You too, son. (Donald pulls Jimmy into a hug, and pats his back)
Donald Craig: Jimmy?
Jim Craig: Yeah?
Donald Craig: You keep that glove up.
Jim Craig: You got it.

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