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Mermaids quotes

Rachel Flax: Charlotte, I know you're planning a celibate life, but with half my chromosomes, I think that might be tough.

Charlotte Flax: I want to stay!
Rachel Flax: And do what?
Charlotte Flax: Finish high school
Rachel Flax: Great start. What's your major? Town tramp?
Charlotte Flax: No Mom, the town already has one.

Charlotte Flax: Please God don't let me fall in love and want to do disgusting things... Dear God, I love the way he throws.

Mary O'Brien: See that woman right there? That's my mother and when I grow up... I want to be just like yours.
Charlotte Flax: Mary, you already are.

Rachel Flax: Don't do anything I wouldn't do! Or don't do anything I would!

Lou Landsky: (Reacting to an odd smile from Rachel as they lay in bed together) What?
Rachel Flax: You're a sexy guy.
Lou Landsky: Do you have to sound surprised when you say that?
Rachel Flax: I *am* surprised.

Rachel Flax: One thing you can rely on about your father: He can't be relied on.

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