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Master and Commander The Far Side of the World quotes

Joseph Nagle, Carpenter's Mate: Captain's not called Lucky Jack for no reason.

Capt. Jack Aubrey: Do you see those two weevils Doctor?
Dr. Stephen Maturin: I do.
Capt. Jack Aubrey: Which would you choose?
Dr. Stephen Maturin: Neither. There is not a scrape of difference between them they are the same species of curculio.
Capt. Jack Aubrey: If your had to if you were forced to make a choice, if there were no other response then... (interupted)
Dr. Stephen Maturin: Well, then if your going to push me... I would choose the right hand weevil, it has significant advantage in both length and breadth.
Capt. Jack Aubrey: (slams fist on table) There I have you! Your completely dished. Do you not know that in the service one must always choose the lesser of two weevils!

Nehemiah Slade, Able Seaman: Never met a dead man that bought me a drink.
Joe Plaice, Able Seaman: And I never met a live one that you bought one for, neither.

Capt. Jack Aubrey: Oh a week, perhaps.
Dr. Stephen Maturin: A week?
Capt. Jack Aubrey: There's no great hurry.
Dr. Stephen Maturin: Mustn't we make haste for...
Capt. Jack Aubrey: I'm not even sure it was the Acheron we sighted. And if it was, she'll be well away by now. Like looking for an honest man in parliament.

Faster Doudle, Able Seaman: (as he examines the Galapagos through his telescope) I can't see any women. Just ducks and lizards.
Nehemiah Slade, Able Seaman: (he snatches the telescope to see for himself) What, no women? It ain't natural.

Mr. Allen, Master: What is it? Curious, eh? Some type of gull.
Mr. Allen, Master: (Sees a marine iguana) There's an ugly devil.
Williamson, Midshipman: Disgusting
Williamson, Midshipman: It's got warts all over it.
Mr. Allen, Master: (Chuckling) Ugly devils aren't they?

Dr. Stephen Maturin: Mr Blakeney, it would appear that you have the makings of a naturalist.
Blakeney: Well, sir, perhaps I could combine them to be a sort of... fighting naturalist, like you, sir.
Dr. Stephen Maturin: They don't combine too well, I find. Right... (about to get up even though he's still recovering from injury)
Blakeney: Should you really be getting up, sir?
Dr. Stephen Maturin: Mr Blakeney, are you also a doctor?
Blakeney: No, sir.
Dr. Stephen Maturin: No, you're not. (gets up)

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