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Marked for Death quotes

John Hatcher: You bailed out a Jamaican street named Monkey the other day, I want him. This other piece of sh**, Screwface, I want him. I know you're a scumbag and a puke, I don't mind that, but give me what I need and I'll leave here a nice guy. If you don't, I'm gonna fu** you up.

John Hatcher: I hope there weren't triplets.

Screwface: I want Hatcher dead. I want his family dead. And if you can't kill him, I go kill him, and then I'm gonna kill you.

John Hatcher: You fu** with my family, you die.

John Hatcher: God made men.

Charles, Jamaican Cop: (after a demo of the submachinegun) Massive cool! Forward Jamaica!

Screwface: Hey, where Nesta man?
Nago: (whispers in his ear) Nesta and Jimmy Fingers are dead at the hotel.
Screwface: Nesta dead. Who do it, the white boy, Hatcher. (Nago nodes head)
Screwface: (Screwface throws table up and hits gang member with table leg)
Screwface: I want Hatcher dead. I want his family dead. If you can't kill him, I go kill him. Then I'm gonna kill you.

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