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Maid in Manhattan quotes

Marisa: What are you doing?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Ooh... Dolce, nice.
Marisa: No, no, no, come on, out of there.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: I'm just taking a little peek. They're going back anyway.
Marisa: Oh... You know you're gonna get us in trouble.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: (touching the Dolce dress) Hello, ladies.
Marisa: Leave that stuff alone. Come on. You know, you're supposed to be helping me out in here.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Oh, feel this material. I mean, it's like butter. Huh?
Marisa: Oh, my God. This stuff is five thousand dollars.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: For one white outfit? How do you keep it clean?
Marisa: Scotchguard.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Oh, yeah. They're a six, you're a six.
Marisa: What are you doing? What are you doing?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: And shoes too. Shoes. Size nine. Perfect.
Marisa: I'm a seven and a half.
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Which means you're an eight. Just put on some gym socks, you're good to go.
Marisa: That's it! Put this stuff back. What are you doing?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Not until you try it on.
Marisa: I can't try on her clothes!
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: They're not hers. They're not Dolce's. Technically, they've been abandoned. Oh, let's not let them hear us.
Marisa: Who, the clothes?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Marisa Ave Maria Ventura... When are you and I ever get to try on a five thousand dollar anything? Come on, feel how the other half feels, huh?

Marisa: Can you keep a secret?
Caroline: Yes of course.
Marisa: Good. So can I.

Marisa: (seeing a picture of her in the paper) Do you understand this could be bad?
Stephanie Kehoe, Maid: Don't be such a Catholic. Please?

Christopher: He's friendly. His name's Rufas. So what are you listening to?
Ty: "The Best Of Bread".
Christopher: "Best Of Bread"? Interesting. What's your name?
Ty: Ty.
Christopher: Nice to meet you, Ty.

Christopher: Let's go see the penguins!

Christopher: Where are you going?
Jerry Siegel: That depends. Where are you going?
Christopher: Bathroom. Alone.
Jerry Siegel: Yeah. Fine. Go. Great. Yeah. Sure.
Christopher: Thank you.
Jerry Siegel: Call me if you need anything.

Paula Burns: A Beresford maid is expedient. A Beresford maid is thorough. A Beresford maid serves with a smile. And above all, a Beresford maid strives to be invisible.
Clarice: Maybe we can disappear one day all together?

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