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MIB 3 quotes

Agent K: You are suspended for two weeks!
Agent J: BS!
Agent K: FOUR weeks!

Agent J: Who are we?
Agent K: We are no-one. Our mission is to monitor extraterrestrial activity on Earth.

Obadiah Price: Boris! Boris the Animal! We had a deal, remember?
Boris The Animal: Obadiah Price... yes, I did make you a promise.

Jeffrey Price: Okay man, I respect your anguish, but the death of your partner is just a little blip in the timestream! (the Boglodite invasion begins)
Jeffrey Price: ...okay, that's a big blip.

Boris The Animal: Hello, K.
Agent K: Boris the Animal.
Boris The Animal: (angrily) It's just Boris.
Agent K: You haven't changed very much. I see the arm I shot off is still shot off.
Boris The Animal: Yes, my arm. We've thought about that moment every day for the last 40 years.
Agent K: Well, that's just not living a full life.

Andy Warhol: So what are you doin' on my turf, K?
Young Agent K: Tracking a killer, a Bogladyte. We have reason to believe he's gonna hit here next, Glamourian.
Andy Warhol: Glamourian?
Young Agent K: Mm-hmmm.
Andy Warhol: Right solar system, wrong planet. He's gotta be after the Arcanian.
Young Agent K: No, Arcanians are extinct...
Andy Warhol: Well, apparently they're not. One washed ashore last week. The whole Roswell circuit's all abuzz about it. Alien unicorn, last of its species. His name's Griffin, Griffin The Arcanian.

Agent J: Hey, ain't you coming?
Griffin: (falling behind) No, I'm done here. J, as soon as K blows Boris's arm off everything will be back to the way it was, K will not remember anything that happened here.
Agent J: I got it: arm blown off, history's reset. Okay, thanks G! (goes on ahead)
Griffin: (to himself) I can never bear to watch this part...

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