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Lords of Dogtown quotes

Skip: He's not one of us, man. You know, he's not a pirate.
Chino: Going to work, Peralta?
Skip: Yeah, get a haircut, man.

Skip: They wanted it gone, man, they wanted it gone.

Chino: Wear em with pride, man!
Jay: (nasally, mocking tone) Yeah, wear em with pride, man!
Chino: (grabs jay's shirt) Or we'll rip them off your bony little backs! You understand?
Jay: (scared look) Yeah...

Jay: (the Z-Boys want to drain and skate Sid's pool, Sid comes out of his house) What did he say?
Sid: "Sid, are you high? The pool's for swimming!"
Jay: Tell him we'll fill it back up when we're done.
Sid: He said if you got hurt, you'll sue him.
Jay: We're not gonna sue him.
Sid: He said your parents would.
Stacy: Our parents can't even afford lawyers.
Tony: Hey, let me talk to him.
Sid: Hey, the only Mexicans my dad talks to push lawnmowers. (Tony grabs him playfully)

Tony: What's wrong, Jayboy? Don't got no hair on your inch worm yet?

Donnie: She's uh, she's crazy, Jay.
Jay: That's why you love her... Right?

Stacy: (now knowing about Jay and Kathy being together) When were you going to tell me you were with her?
Jay: You couldn't handle her.

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