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Lock Up quotes

Captain Meissner: Convict... two things. One - I am Meissner. Two - Never fu** with Meissner. Inside.

Warden Drumgoole: This is hell, and I'm going to give you the guided tour.

Warden Drumgoole: I'll have your as* for this. I'll have your as*.

ch*** Weber: (football bounces off Leone) Feel somethin', Leone?
ch*** Weber: Wanna play? They're a man short.
ch*** Weber: (Leone and 1st Base walk away) HEY! I'm talkin' to you! (to 1st)
ch*** Weber: Hey punk! When're ya gonna paint your nails and answer to the name "bi***"?
First Base: Hey, you know, you got a big mouth! Whyncha keep it shut?

Frank Leone: You can't break me!

ch*** Weber: (Leone sits) Move it, Ace. That's my spot. (Leone moves)
ch*** Weber: Uh-uh, that's my spot, too.
Frank Leone: Any spot in here that isn't yours?
ch*** Weber: Nope, they're all mine. You wanna use it, you gotta pay.
ch*** Weber: (Leone gets up) Not so fast, Ace. I'm not gonna gouge ya. That little thing around your neck? That'll buy ya a spot for the day.

Captain Meissner: Every hour, when the light comes on, you'll stand, face the camera and state your name and number (BZZZZZ)
Captain Meissner: Name and number!
Frank Leone: (Leone faces wall) Leone. Five ten.
Captain Meissner: Face the camera!... Name and number!
Frank Leone: (Leone turns) Leone. Five ten.

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