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Life quotes

Claude Banks: (Ray and Claude have just found Winston Hancock's recently murdered body) I think he's hurt pretty bad, man!
Rayford Gibson: (feels Winston's head for signs) This guy's dead.
Claude Banks: I ain't, I ain't never seen no dead body before, Ray. (Ray is now searching through Winston's pockets)
Claude Banks: What are you doin'? The man's been dead two seconds and you're in his pockets? Don't you have any respect?
Rayford Gibson: It ain't here!
Claude Banks: What ain't there?
Rayford Gibson: My daddy's watch, this is the guy that took my watch from. mo**********, you did fu**** around with the wrong person, didn't you, didn't you?! Now look at your as* bleedin'!

Sergeant Dillard: (Claude won't dig, and complains that it's too hot) You tell that lazy jigaboo the State of Mississippi ain't interested in his meteorological assessments!
Hoppin' Bob: Listen up, jigaboo! State of Mississippi ain't interested in your, your, uh-"metacological assessments"!
Sergeant Dillard: You tell him the State of Mississippi is only interested in getting this here ditch cleared by sundown.
Hoppin' Bob: State of Mississippi wants this here ditch cleared by sundown. You got that, boy?!

Young Sheriff Pike: My goodness, my old friend, Winston Hancock. I thought we agreed that you was gonna leave town.
Winston Hancock: Well, I was going to leave, Sheriff Pike... but your wife, she begged me to stay.

Claude Banks: You know, I'm finally starting to wrap my mind around this sh**. We're in here for life. We're gonna die in here! We might as well go up to the cometary, picks out a plot and start digging.
Rayford Gibson: Now, you listen to me. My daddy died in a place just like this cause of that sh** you're talking about. He gave up hope and he hung hisself! And I'm not going out like that!
Claude Banks: Well, maybe you're just a chip off the old block, Ray.
Rayford Gibson: You take that back or we're no longer friends.
Claude Banks: News flash, Ray! We ain't never been friends! We've just been stuck together for twelve years!

Radio: Hey, New York, you ever been to that there Cotton Club?
Rayford Gibson: The Cotton Club in Manhattan? Many times, man, I da** near lived in the Cotton Club. I tell you, the Cotton Club is all right. But it ain't got nothin' on The Boom Boom Room. If you ever go to New York, go to Ray's Boom Boom Room
Willie Long: Hey there, Ray! What's that you talkin' about, the Boom-Boom Room?
Rayford Gibson: That's my spot, Ray's Boom-Boom Room, the most happening space in all of Manhattan.
Cookie: Ha ha, so you got your own nightclub?
Rayford Gibson: Well, right now it's kinda in the development stage, but I'm workin' on it, I'll get it.
Goldmouth: So it don't exist.
Rayford Gibson: It exists in my mind, Goldmouth; that's where it starts. It starts in your brain first. You know, it got to exist up here first. "As a man think it, so then shall he get", you know, some sh** like that. You know you read the Bible.

Claude Banks: (standing on a crate of bottles) da**, one of my toes in the bottle, da** it, Ray.

Dexter Wilkins: (on learning Pike framed Ray Gibson and Claude Banks) Is there any truth in what this man said?
Older Sheriff Pike: What the hell difference does it make? At least the state of Mississippi got forty years of cheap labor out of the deal!

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