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Lethal Weapon quotes

Martin Riggs: Roger.
Roger Murtaugh: What?
Martin Riggs: Uh, 10-4.

Martin Riggs: I don't make things difficult. That's the way they get, all by themselves.

Sergeant McCaskey: You know, Roger, you are way behind the times. The guys of the 80s aren't tough. They are sensitive people. Show a little emotion to a woman and sh** like that. I think I'm an '80s man...
Roger Murtaugh: How do you figure?
Sergeant McCaskey: Last night I cried in bed. So how is that?
Roger Murtaugh: Were you with a woman?
Sergeant McCaskey: I was alone. Why do you think I cried?
Roger Murtaugh: Sounds like an '80s man to me...

Roger Murtaugh: 50 years old, what a birthday, go***** 50 years old, been on the force 20 years, not a scratch on me, not a scar, got a wife, kids, a house, a fishing boat, but I can kiss all that goodbye because my new partner has a death wish, my fu***** life is over
Martin Riggs: (looks at Roger) I was...
Roger Murtaugh: Just shut up you hear, why are you talking to me anyway, I'm a dead man, yeah fu** it, you're looking a dead man here (oncoming traffic honks at them and swerve to get out of the way)
Martin Riggs: (points at oncoming traffic) watch, watch, WATCH...
Roger Murtaugh: Don't worry, I was driving before you were itching in your daddy's pants

Mr. Joshua: (Riggs is tied up and struggling) Why don't you save your strength? You're gonna need it.
Martin Riggs: Who's the chin?
Mr. Joshua: Endo, meet Mr. Martin Riggs. Endo here has forgotten more about dispensing pain than you and I will ever know.
Martin Riggs: Terrific.
Mr. Joshua: See, Martin, we have a problem. Since we have Murtaugh, we don't really need you. But I believe in being thorough.
Martin Riggs: Yeah, I've heard that about you.
Mr. Joshua: Yeah. Well, our problem, and yours too, is we have a shipment of merchandise to deliver.
Martin Riggs: Why don't you guys just call it heroin?
Mr. Joshua: It's rather large, this shipment. It would be unfortunate, however, if we showed up to deliver our HEROIN, and were surrounded by fifty cops.
Martin Riggs: That would be too bad.
Mr. Joshua: Yes it would be. So, it's essential for us to find out all the cops know.
Martin Riggs: Hey, we don't know sh**. You- you did Hunsaker before he could say...
Mr. Joshua: No, no! I wish I could believe you. But unfortunately, I don't... Now if you would kindly tell me everything you know, I promise I'll kill you quick. (snaps fingers)
Martin Riggs: I've told you everything I know.
Mr. Joshua: Endo... (gestures to Endo to 'start the pain')
Martin Riggs: Wha- what the hell is that?
Mr. Joshua: I'll tell you what it is. It's called electric shock treatment.
Martin Riggs: Well, I guess we're in for a long night, 'cause I don't know sh**.
Mr. Joshua: We'll see. Endo...

Roger Murtaugh: Okay, clown, no bullshit! You wanna kill yourself?
Martin Riggs: Oh, for Chriss-...
Roger Murtaugh: Shut up! Yes or no - you wanna die?
Martin Riggs: Oh, I got the job done! What the hell do you want?
Martin Riggs: Well, what do you wanna hear, man? Do you wanna hear that sometimes I think about eatin' a bullet? Huh? Well, I do! I even got a special bullet for the occasion with a hollow point, look! Make sure it blows the back of my go******* head out and do the job right! Every single day I wake up and I think of a reason not to do it! Every single day! You know why I don't do it? This is gonna make you laugh! You know why I don't do it? The job! Doin' the job! Now that's the reason!

Roger Murtaugh: Listen, sorry about all that sh** I was in your face about earlier... you saved my life. Thank you.
Martin Riggs: Oh, I'll bet that hurt to say.
Roger Murtaugh: (chuckles) You'll never know.

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