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Legal Eagles quotes

Laura J. Kelly: Don't lose him.
Tom Logan: I'm not going to lose him. Where is he?

Tom Logan: Ladies and gentlemen, Chelsea Deardon didn't kill Victor Taft. The prosecution has suggested a possible motive, but one based on hearsay, conjecture and circumstantial evidence. Evidence that appears to have some substance, but upon closer examination, will prove to have no relevance whatsoever to this case. (stops and looks at the jury)
Tom Logan: You're not buying this, are you? You're not listening to a word I'm saying. Yeah? Guess what? I don't blame you. After listening to Mr. Blanchard lay out the prosecution's evidence, even I'M convinced my client murdered Victor Taft. (murmurs of surprise in the courtroom)
Tom Logan: After all, if I had found Victor Taft, dead on the floor, and Chelsea Deardon's fingerprints on the weapon, there isn't much that would convince ME she isn't guilty. Look, let's save ourselves a lot of time. Let's be honest. There are better things we could be doing. Who thinks Chelsea Deardon's guilty?

Chelsea Deardon: Do you always cross-examine people?
Tom Logan: Only when they lie to me.

Laura J. Kelly: That look in your eyes... pure blue steel.