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Kung Fu Panda quotes

Commander Vachir: Hey, tough guy! Did you hear? Oogway is about to give someone the Dragon Scroll, and it's not gonna be you.
Zeng: What are you doing? You'll make him mad!
Commander Vachir: What's he gonna do about it? I've got him completely immobilized. (Stomps on Tai Lung's tail; he doesn't even flinch)
Commander Vachir: Oh, did I step on the widdle kitty's tail? Aw.

Po: What are you pointing at?
Oogway: The Dragon Warrior.
Tigress: Master, were you pointing at me?
Oogway: Him.
Po: Me? (Moves around, Oogway's finger follows him)
Oogway: You.
Po: What?
Oogway: (Raising Po's arm with his stick) The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior!
Po: What?
Tigress: What?
Shifu: What?
Mr. Ping: What?

Shifu: Believe me, citizens, you have not seen anything yet!
Po: I know!

Shifu: One must first master the highest level of kung fu, and that is clearly impossible if that one is someone like you.
Po: Someone like me?
Shifu: Yes! Look at you! This fat bu**- (he whacks Po on his bu**)
Po: Aah!
Shifu: ...Flabby arms- (he hits Po on his arm)
Po: Those are sensitive in the flabby parts...
Shifu: And this ridiculous belly!
Po: Hey!
Shifu: And your utter disregard for personal hygiene!
Po: Now wait a minute, that was a little uncalled for...
Shifu: Don't stand that close, I can smell your breath.
Po: Listen, Oogway said that I was- (Shifu grabs his finger and he gasps)
Po: The Wuxi finger hold? No no, the Wuxi finger hold!
Shifu: Oh-hoho, you know this hold?
Po: Developed by Master Wuxi in the 3rd dynasty, yes!
Shifu: Oh, then you must know what happens when I flex my pinkie?
Po: (gasps) No no no no!
Shifu: You know the hardest part of this? The hardest part is cleaning up afterwards. (chuckles)
Po: Okay... Okay take it easy... (Po falls to his knees)
Shifu: Now listen closely, panda. Oogway may have picked you, but when I'm through, I promise you, you're going to wish he hadn't! Are we clear?
Po: Oh, yeah! We're clear, we're clear, we're so clear!
Shifu: Good. (chuckles)
Shifu: I can't wait to get started.

Po: Skadoosh!

Shifu: But who? Who is worthy to be trusted with the secret to limitless power? To become the Dragon Warrior?
Oogway: I don't know.

Zeng: Tai Lung is free! I must warn Shifu!
Commander Vachir: You're not going anywhere, and neither is he!

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