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Kung Fu Panda 2 quotes

Po: The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.

Shen: Are you willing to die to find the truth?
Po: You bet I am!... Although, I'd prefer not to.

Shen: Call in the wolves. All of them! I want them ready to move. The year of the peacock begins now!
Wolf Boss: Right now? Cause it's the middle of the year... so you'd only get like a half of the year of the peacock.

Wolf Boss: (Po gets distracted by his Shen's symbol on Wolf Boss's right shoulder plate and gets hit by Wolf Boss's hammer, knocking him into the bunny villagers) Chew on that, tubby!

Crane: So this is stealth mode?
Po: I mean, let's face it, not one of my stronger modes.

Tigress: I hope this turns out better than your plan to cook rice in your stomach by eating it raw and then drinking boiling water...
Po: This is nothing like that plan.
Tigress: How so?
Po: Because this one is gonna work.

Shen: My parents hated me. Do you understand? They wronged me. And... I will make it right!
Soothsayer: They loved you! They loved you so much that having to send you away killed them! (Shen stands still in silence for some time)
Shen: The dead exist in the past. And I must tend to the future.

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