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Krull quotes

Prince Colwyn: Now we have no way to find the fortress.
Ynyr: There is one who might help.
Prince Colwyn: Who?
Ynyr: The Widow of the Web.
Torquil: That creature helps no one. For none who go there return.
Ynyr: She has great powers.
Torquil: Yeah, to kill.
Ynyr: She may not kill me. For I know her name.
Torquil: Her name is death.
Ynyr: She had another name once. An ancient and powerful name. (Torquil has a look of disbelief and this gets Ynyr mad)
Ynyr: We all risk our lives on this journey. My risk is no greater than yours. I must try.

Rell the Cyclops: I must remain here.
Prince Colwyn: Is it time?
Prince Colwyn: (Rell nodds) You've done enough Rell. Stay here.
Rell the Cyclops: (they shake hands) Each to his fate.
Prince Colwyn: Each to his fate.

Rhun: Rocks in our pockets and gravestones above our heads is all we'll get from this journey.

Ynyr: There are kingly virtues other than bravery. Courtesy is one of them.

Velta: Let me comfort you.
Prince Colwyn: I can't accept comfort when she has none.
Velta: You'll not then?
Prince Colwyn: I cannot. (Velta blinks her eyes and reveals that she's a changling)
Velta: My master says make him betray her. If not, then kill him. Yes, he is my master. These talons were a heartbeat away from your throat. I could've killed you in an instant... but in the hour that I knew you, I loved you.

Ergo: You are no great chooser of roads, old man.
Ynyr: This way will save us half a day's travel.

Ynyr: We all risk our lives on this journey. My risk is no greater than yours.

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