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Knowing quotes

John Koestler: The numbers are the key to everything.

John Koestler: I found evidence of a series of super-flares from a star in the outer-Pleiades's region.
Phil Bergman: Right. Ratings were off the chart.
John Koestler: We were both wrong. The numbers are a warning, but not just to me or any random group. They're a warning to everyone.
Phil Bergman: Okay. You're officially scaring the sh** out of me right now.
John Koestler: The super-flare, in our own solar system. A 100 microtesla wave of radiation that would destroy our ozone layer, killing every living organism on the planet.
Phil Bergman: We have to let everyone know. We have to call the NOAA.
John Koestler: They already know. The announcement will come anytime now. I thought there was some purpose to all this. Why did I get this prediction if there's nothing I can do about it? How am I supposed to stop the end of the world?

John Koestler: EE doesn't stand for just 1 person.

Caleb Koestler: I can't consume that. I've decided to become a vegetarian.
John Koestler: Well, when were you planning on telling the guy who buys the groceries around here?
Caleb Koestler: Are you deaf? I just told you now, Dad.

Abby: They said we could go with them, if we chose to.
Diana Wayland: Who did, baby? Who?
Abby: The whisper people.

Rev. Koestler: (hugging John) This isn't the end, son.
John Koestler: I know.

Miss Taylor: Everyone inside now!

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