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Kiss the Girls quotes

Dr. Kate McTiernan: (crying) What do you want from me?
Casanova: Everything.

Dr. Kate McTiernan: Hello, I'm Kate McTiernan. First, I'd like to say something to the families who have a loved one missing. Please, do not give up hope. There are other women where I was held and I believe in my heart that they are still alive. Second, to the boys who fished me out of the river and saved my life, and to the nurses and doctors here who are taking such excellent care of me, and for the thousands of letters and prayers I've recieved from all across America, thank you. And last, to the man who calls himself Casanova. The man who took me from my own home and ultimately tried to kill me. I broke your rules, just me. None of the other women helped. So if you're looking for someone to blame, blame me. That's all I have to say right now. Thank you for taking my message to the families of the missing and I hope it helps a little bit. Thank you.

Detective Nick Ruskin: (while driving through college campus) We've liasoned with the campus police, posted fliers. Figure someone had to see somethin important.
Alex Cross: An environment fit for blending. For you a security nightmare. For him, paradise.
Detective Nick Ruskin: We're gonna get this animal.

Alex Cross: Multiply your anger by about a hundred, Kate, that's how much he thinks he loves you.

Alex Cross: Don't do it, Nick.
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Alex.
Alex Cross: Let's talk about it, ok? You want to put the lighter down, Nick? Please?
Detective Nick Ruskin: She has to know.
Alex Cross: She knows, Nick.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Then why don't you shoot me?
Alex Cross: Ah, I don't think so. Muzzle flare, room full of gas, all that, you know? Look, Nick I'm gonna put the gun down. Look, see? There now. How's that? I want you to think about this, Nick. If you do this, no one will ever understand.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Oh, don't mind fu** me!
Alex Cross: No, I'm not, Nick.
Detective Nick Ruskin: See Kate? It's all about building rapport. You use the subject's first name, and your tone, you gotta keep it soft and steady.
Alex Cross: Establish eye contact, seek his level.
Detective Nick Ruskin: You wanna know the truth, Alex? You're the one who really needs help.
Alex Cross: Well, enlighten me, Nick. Tell me what the truth is.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Truth is looking at a beautiful woman, like our Kate here, and saying to yourself, I gotta have that. I gotta break her down. It's your basest animal self. Dig deep, Alex. You'll recognize him. He's ugly.
Alex Cross: I've run into him now and then.
Detective Nick Ruskin: Go ahead. Reach for the Glock and take me down before I tell you about the 10 days I spent with Naomi. 10 days, Doc. Things she'd never tell you. My brown sugar, face like an angel. Perfect, every inch of her. You never knew Naomi. Not like I did. Deep down, you envy me that. Say it.
Alex Cross: I don't work like you. I don't, hate.
Detective Nick Ruskin: You only wish you had the courage. Good night, sweet Kate. (Alex shoots and kills Nick through a carton of Milk before he can kill Kate)
Detective Nick Ruskin: .
Alex Cross: Kate. It's alright Kate.

Det. Davey Skes: Sure picks lookers, doesn't he?
Alex Cross: Yeah, he does. But you know these women are more than just attractive. They're all extraodinary in some way. Smart, talented.
Det. Davey Skes: He ain't choosing them just for their congeniality.
Alex Cross: Ordinarily, they don't, but I think our guy is a little different.
Detective Nick Ruskin: How so?
Alex Cross: I think killing's not his ulterior motive. This guy's a collector. I bet these women are alive.
Det. Davey Skes: Come on, doc. Our boy's brain is soft as a two-minute egg and nothing personal, but I figure every one of them gals is tied to a tree just waiting to get found.
Alex Cross: Think about it, Sikes. The three you found were killed out of sequence. They weren't even among the first abducted.
Det. Davey Skes: That's right.
Detective Nick Ruskin: That don't mean they're not still out there.
Alex Cross: But you would have found them by now. He makes absolutely no attempt to hide 'em and the way they were killed, very revealing. That last long walk through the woods.
Kyle Craig: Marching to their fate.
Alex Cross: Exactly. The rape, cutting off their hair.
Kyle Craig: It's punishment.
Alex Cross: Maybe for violating some trust.

Casanova: Face it Will, I'm your mentor. And you're the bad seed.

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