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Kiss Me Goodbye quotes

Kay Villano: Oh well pardon me, having a conversation with my DEAD HUSBAND happens to upset me a little bit!

Billy: Your mother is driving me mad, Kay!
Kay Villano: Pretend she's your mother and ignore her.

Rupert Baines: And I suppose you're a dancer too?
Roscoe: No, I'm just effeminate, thank you.

Emily: I think it's great that she's decided to face this place, start doing things again.
Charlotte Banning: So do I. But why couldn't she start with something simple. Like needlepoint, or analysis.

Rupert Baines: Lovely hat. Batteries included?

Rupert Baines: (to little boy sitting in ancient museum chairpiece, annoyed and patronizing) No no, little boy! We mustn't sit on the chair. Do you know why? Because THIS is a priceless, irreplaceable piece of fine art from another millennium. And YOU... are a not-quite-formed, piece of temporary plasmic rubbish taking up space on this already overcrowded planet!

Charlotte Banning: Well, at least he wasn't born in a chair!

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