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Kindergarten Cop quotes

Joseph: My dad's a gynecologist. He looks at vaginas all day long.

Zach's Father: You must be the new teacher. (Puts out his hand to shake Kimble's hand, but Kimble pushes the guy against his car)
Detective John Kimble: You hit a kid, I hit you.
Zach's Father: You ba*****. (Kimble blocks his punch and Kimble punches the guy in the stomach, then grabs him by the shirt and about to punch the guy in the face, but looks back to the kids and the principle)
Detective John Kimble: (Lets go of the guy) You're not worth it. I'm pressing charges against you.

Detective John Kimble: (banging on fire bell) Yes, this is fire drill! Come on!
Detective John Kimble: (looks down at stopwatch) Aww! This is terrible!

Stewardess: Is your wife okay, sir?
Detective John Kimble: Compared to what?

Rina: (in unison) Our mom says our dad is a real sex machine.

Joseph: (to Phoebe) Boys have a pe***, and girls have a va****.
Phoebe: (to Kimble) Well, I see you've covered the basics.

Detective John Kimble: Are these all your lunches? (Boy shakes his head)
Detective John Kimble: You mean you eat other people's lunches? (Boy nods)
Detective John Kimble: STOP IT!

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