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Kangaroo Jack quotes

Charlie: My name is Carbone, which means skinny white boy with a gun

Louis: See, what happened was we put the money in the jacket and then the jacket on the...
Mr. Smith: Wrong answer! Your friend told us the yarn about the kangaroo. Mate, I've hope for your sake you were stupid enough to hide that money in them saddle bags.
Charlie: You gotta believe us!
Mr. Smith: (Sticks a knife at Charlie's throat) No, you gotta believe me. If it ain't there, I'm gonna carve you up piece by piece.

Charlie: I think I just sweated out a bottle of Yoo-hoo I drank in the eighth grade.

Jessie: What's going on?
Charlie: We're in a little bit of trouble.
Jessie: A little?
Mr. Smith: I've been following camel tracks all bl**** morning, so lets make short work of this. Where's me moolah?
Jessie: For god sakes! All this over $4,000? (Charlie chuckles nervously)
Jessie: It's more, isn't it? How much more?
Charlie: Forty-six thousand more.
Mr. Smith: And every cent of it is mine. Now there are only two ways we can do this, and one of them's a lot less painful than the other. Whare's the money?

Charlie: I'm sorry for feeling your bo*** I didn't think they were real.

Jessie: So it's safe to assume your not on vacation.
Louis: No. Charlie's stepfather is a mobster back in New York, and he had us sent out here to deliver a package.
Jessie: Oh! And you got me in the middle of this?
Charlie: I am so sorry, Jessie. I never thought this would happen.
Jessie: And you lied to me.

Charlie: (sipping a rock he thinks is a slurpee) Brain freeze!

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